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About the Midwife

Brenda Ruth began More Than Birth-Midwifery, LLC with the goal of providing comprehensive care that goes beyond the birth experience. She offers Christ-centered, client-focused, family-oriented, professional care to clients throughout the childbearing year.

She currently lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan and serves clients within an hour’s drive of the greater Grand Rapids area. Along with midwifery, she enjoys hiking, photography, digital scrapbooking in Photoshop, baking and gardening.

About the Team

Brenda collaborates with other midwives in Michigan for referrals, to provide labor backup and for student training. She works with several midwifery students and assistants, each of whom brings her own special talents, education, interests and life experiences to share with clients and Brenda plans to welcome one of these as another midwife into her practice soon. Although unique in many ways, each believes in the importance of midwifery availability and sustainability. The goal as a group is to be available to provide individualized care to each client who has a need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as many years as possible. Because this means multiplying the number and locations of midwives available to clients, training more midwives is an essential part of More Than Birth-Midwifery.

Why Choose More Than Birth-Midwifery?


Brenda is committed to providing professional, compassionate care to clients of all races, colors, cultures, religions and genders. She recognizes that pregnancy and birth involve the whole person, not just the physical body. She strives to always be respectful of others’ boundaries, spiritual or otherwise.

Faith provides the foundation from which Brenda draws strength for herself and encouragement for others. She uses principles found in the Bible to guide the decisions which she makes, because her faith in Jesus Christ as God has changed her life and given her hope for eternity.

Experience & Education

Brenda gave birth naturally herself to seven children – six of whom were born at home in water. She also experienced 2 miscarriages. She knows the benefits of homebirth and midwifery care firsthand from a client’s perspective. And she understands motherhood as experienced on her own personal journey.

She not only has experience as a mother, but also as a nurse. Brenda obtained a four-year degree in Nursing and gained subsequent hospital experience as an RN, before following her passion and pursuing midwifery training.

Following years of midwifery training, Brenda began More Than Birth-Midwifery, LLC in 2013.
She is certified by the North American Registry of Midwives as a Professional Midwife and was part of the first group of midwives to become licensed in the State of Michigan.

She enjoys research and is committed to participating in ongoing professional education, not limited to but including current certification in neonatal resuscitation and adult lifesaving skills for the professional rescuer, and staying up-to-date to the best of her ability with the latest practices to provide comprehensive and informed guidance to clients and their families.

Personalized Care & Attention

At More Than Birth-Midwifery, we prioritize personalized support, education and counseling throughout the childbearing year. Because we understand that each family, pregnancy and birth is unique, we tailor our approach to meet your specific wants and needs.

We want you to feel supported, heard, and nurtured throughout your entire pregnancy and birth experience. From prenatal care to postpartum support, we are honored to be a part of your journey.

Curious About Water Birth at Home?

Click on the link below to view one special family’s video of their birth experience with More Than Birth-Midwifery.


Prenatal Care

We strive to create a calm and peaceful environment in our office that fosters trust and promotes well-being. We welcome client partners to join us in office visits.  We also welcome children of all ages to attend prenatals with their parents.  Siblings often participate as well as enjoy our beach house toy area.

Labor & Birth Support

We strive to provide individualized, physical, emotional and spiritual support, based on the needs and wants of each client and family. This support begins long before labor does.

Natural Birth Support

We believe in the right of an individual giving birth to choose the location, care providers, positions for labor and delivery and supporting individuals who attend to assist.

Water Birth

We wholeheartedly support women who choose to labor and/or deliver in or out of the water. While recognizing that water birth is not for everyone, Brenda experienced first hand the power of warm, buoyant water to decrease pain and increase mobility in labor. Clients and non-clients may rent professional labor pools from More Than Birth-Midwifery if desired.

Postpartum Care

The early postpartum involves dramatic life changes. Clients will have the opportunity to engage in helpful preparatory discussion prior to this experience and can plan on having ongoing support throughout this time: in home, in office, by text, phone and/or video chat.

Education & Counseling

We strive to provide education, share research, admit when we don’t know the answer and refer appropriately throughout the childbearing year. We want to equip parents to navigate choices and exercise their rights in a responsible manner that best benefits themselves and their newborn(s).

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